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Rule #6

If you are truly friends with someone, don’t pull bad shit they’re done out of your ass when you’re in an argument. There’s a difference between using an example to make a point, and using classified information that this person had told you to use it against them. This immediately shows me that you’ve been holding on to this tidbit of information, waiting for the day where you can use it against me. That’s not a friend. That’s also no a secure person.

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Rule #5

"It’s me or the weed"

Don’t bother trying to date someone that is going to put you down about smoking weed. For any of those true stoners out there, the fact that you should chose between a plant and a human is absurd. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! Relationships have too many struggles as it is, and it sure does help when you can do something you both love together.. like smoke a blunt! (;

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Rule #4

Tumblr drama? Really?!? First of all, don’t we all have enough drama in our regular lives? Never be that anon who is up someones ass, just trying to make them feel like shit. Second of all, you don’t HAVE to reply. Sometimes things are worth letting go of, otherwise it’s your own fault that such a stupid situation got so out of hand.

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Rule #3

Never post shit about your boyfriend/ex on facebook.. because it will haunt you in the end! Especially if you want to work things out with that ex. No one wants to be that couple that goes from “in a relationship” back to “single” and back every other day. Or those ones who one writes an awkward and OBVIOUS status about the other and then they comment fight on it. That’s just straight up embarrassing, and the general public (besides the gossipers) doesn’t give a rats ass about your arguments. All this being said, save your relationship problems for the bedroom, not your newsfeed.

And no, not all my posts are gonna be about relationships and facebook. These are mostly reminders to myself, but I really do try to keep it universal.

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Rule #2

Being in a stable relationship means being able to let go for a few days and actually ENJOY them. When things are going so well with your sweetheart, it sometimes becomes harder and harder to tear away. But you can’t let your love life get in the way of priorities. Plus, it’s easier to appreciate every second that you get to enjoy together when you get to see each other again.

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Rule #1

NO FACEBOOK DRAMA. As tempting as people can make it, YOU MUST RISE ABOVE IT. You are over the highschool bullshit and higher than the stars. No need to lower yourself back down to their level. 

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These are my rules to life

Just things to keep in mind to keep life flowin and easygoin without drama showinn.

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